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    Shanghai Top Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd, American standard terminal, shrapnel terminal station, press button type terminal, mobile terminals, PCB terminals, screw-free station, track type connecting terminal, connecting terminal station, integrated wiring terminal, terminal column, circular hole through terminal station, PIN, IC, SOCKET, pull switch, terminals, copper square buckle, mainly used in electrical, electronics, instrumentation, lighting, machinery, engines and other electronic products. Our products have UL certification through the United States, Canada CUL CSA certification, Germany VDE certification, China CQC certification, and in line with the EU ROHS standard.

    Factory is a professional electronic connector set design, development, production, sales in one of the manufacturing enterprises. The company of all my colleagues in the spirit of refine on work ethic, professional technology and high-quality services, has been to stabilize the product quality and good business reputation, won the trust of our customers. In order to better serve customers, we also accept customer's OEM (OEM, ODM). We firmly believe that: the good faith is our best marketing tool, dedicated service is our customer base!

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